The Pile By The Bed

There’s a pile by the bed and it’s looming. There are dreams and travels and food and faith and lives and animals and adventures and wisdom waiting in that pile. It’s the collection of postponed books next to my bed. I want to get those books, words, and ideas moving into the world: borrowed books returned to their owners, well-loved books loaned to friends, lovable-but-not-keepsake books sold for credit to the used bookstore, dog-eared books given with a topic and a person in mind, useful books donated to¬†small libraries in my childhood home of northern New Mexico. Here’s to anticipating … Continue reading The Pile By The Bed

The Rub

A couple of weeks ago I scheduled a massage. Not sure how to sort through the myriad of massage therapists listed in this town, I went for the chain massage place. Normally, I’m all about supporting a local, independent business, but I wanted this to be an easy choice and I had a deal for a “first time” massage. I made the appointment and then looked forward to the relaxation all week. Some who know me well might wonder why I needed an appointed time for repose, as I already lead a fairly calm life. I know people who get … Continue reading The Rub

Savoring 72 hours in Savannah

It’s been a month since I spent the weekend in Savannah. I’m still savoring the details, picking through the pictures, and reveling in the escape. Remembering is just as good as anticipation. To begin, I’m a big fan of a long weekend getaway. It’s cheaper than a long vacation, but still a great way to visit a new city or place. Three or four days is enough to recharge, rekindle, and re-energize. I flew in to Savannah from Denver while my good friend Cathy drove up from from Tampa, Florida. We arrived mid-day on a Friday and left Monday afternoon. … Continue reading Savoring 72 hours in Savannah

Anticipation and Expectation

Lately, I’ve been thinking about anticipation and all its pleasures and excitement and that “I can’t wait for . . .” feeling. Expectation and hope. Cue in Adam Sandler’s recurring Saturday Night Live character from the early 90s, “Cajun Man.” He’d pronounce anticipation with a long, drawn out final syllable, the very quirk of his character: an-tissss-i-paa-shone (a hard o sound). Looking forward to something with excitement and great giddiness. It can be heightened in the lives of children; think about when you counted down the days to your birthday or the very first day of summer. In childhood, it always felt … Continue reading Anticipation and Expectation

A dozen ways to savor and then slip out of summer mode

Summer is as much a season as a state of mind. Some of us tend to slow down because of the heat. Some of us slow down because that’s what we do. We might be following kids’ schedules or following the pace of our business plan. Sometimes we’re not vacationing or even slowing down, but there’s still a “summer mood” in the air. Suggestions for summer reading lists capture our attention and local festivals give new life to the “same-old, same-old” existence of every day. Summer is a mindset, even a lifestyle. My own daily life¬†switches very quickly from summertime … Continue reading A dozen ways to savor and then slip out of summer mode

Out of the Comfort Zone

Ahh, the comfort zone. It’s where I tend to live most of my life and no, I don’t necessarily mean a big, comfy leather recliner. The comfort zone is where life is easy and where I don’t take risks. The comfort zone includes lots of cups of coffee, tea, and diet cokes sipped while reading books, in isolation and silence. Unfortunately, the comfort zone can also be stagnant and limiting and in denial of the rest of the world. For me, it’s a withdrawal from life, seeking a sense of safety. During this spring (and Lenten season), I’m trying to … Continue reading Out of the Comfort Zone