I am Kary Schumpert. I am a writer and experienced dreamer.

Running into life is just that. It’s about living and the adventures (small or big) encountered along the way. When I first started this blog, I felt stuck, and writing and getting back to life helped me to get unstuck.

There is beauty in pondering, doing, and reflecting. This is where I can bring my dream life and my real life into one. Running into life. I chose that for my blog name and I choose that for my path.

Over the last 12 years or so, this blog has been a chronicle of my journeys and reflections. I hope to write here more regularly and to include some other creative endeavors that will include audio, visual, (and perhaps video). I hope to share more and make space for more creativity in “my praxis” and my life. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi, Kary. I found your blog here after reading your devotion and wonderful blog on The Upper Room. I hope to explore more of your page here.


  2. Kary
    OOOOOOPS! My bad. Just inadvertently posted a comment on your blog “Art Wishes Away the Soul..” about the “Ritual is Routine Made Sacred” I read. Will be more meticulous next time about posting under the appropriate heading.


  3. Thank you for writing. Your piece on letting go of your crush has touched a very emotional place inside me. It has also uplifting me. I appreciate your words more than you know. It resonated with me…and I needed that message today.


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    • I am so glad you read and commented. Hope that you’re okay and know it will get better. Find your rock and the music that helps! Sometimes, it helps to know that others are going through same thing, even if we haven’t met. Thinking of you and hope that you are on a path to healing! I love when we can connect over words and common experiences. You made my week by commenting, Chelle! Thank you!


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