The Many Forms, Shapes, and Types of Ordinary Love

It’s February and the month of Valentine’s Day and a very commercial time to express one’s love. Oh, the cliches and the candy and the ache. However, it is also a beautiful time to contemplate love and its role in our lives. There is an oft-expressed opinion that we overuse the word love in trivial, everyday moments, and yet do not fully express it in the heavier, more poignant times in life. I am not sure where I fall on that spectrum. As someone who is trying to grow in her writing, I think part of the challenge is that … Continue reading The Many Forms, Shapes, and Types of Ordinary Love

Food Love: Green Chile Cheese Quiche

For many, there are certain foods that bring back lovely memories from childhood. I am lucky to be in that group. There are specific dishes that not only serve as culinary time capsules, but also provide sustenance and comfort in their preparation and consumption. One of my favorites from childhood, and now a staple in adulthood, is green chile cheese quiche. When I think of this food, I also remember a funny quote from one of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally. In a scene where Harry and Sally are quite solid in their friendship,  Jess, who is Harry’s best … Continue reading Food Love: Green Chile Cheese Quiche

Bananas Into Bread (Waste Into Place)

I love baking. I love making ingredients into something more. I love measuring and mixing. I love the transformation and magic that the hot oven gives to a pan of raw batter. If you think about it, we are all a little liked baked goods. We are changing and moving and living. We are raw and unrefined. Despite my love, I bake much less than I used to do. I have cut lots of sweets and sugars from my mouth and from my kitchen. However, I believe in balance and dislike restriction. Now, I celebrate when I whip out the … Continue reading Bananas Into Bread (Waste Into Place)

Pursuit and Prayer

When we think of prayer, we think of heads bowed and hands clasped. We think of silence, we think of a sacred conversation. We think of religion. When we think of pursuit, we think of the chase, we think of a hunt for something elusive. We think of the pursuit of happiness. What do they mean, though, on a singular day, in an ordinary life? What do we pray for and what do we pursue? Do those desires and needs stay steady throughout a life? Is there a difference in what we mention in prayer versus what we pursue in … Continue reading Pursuit and Prayer

The Last of the Great Generation

There were four people nicknamed Val and Buzz and Bug and Bill. Val and Bill were brother and sister. Bug and Buzz were brother and sister. Val and Bug were best friends. Buzz and Bill were good friends. Buzz married Val. Bill married Bug. They grew up, in large families, in the Dust Bowl years of Oklahoma. Bug and Bill were my grandparents. With the oddities of relative vernacular, Buzz and Val were my double-great-aunt-and-uncle. They were part of the “Greatest Generation” that survived the Great Depression, fought in World War II,  and built full lives. These nicknames stuck throughout … Continue reading The Last of the Great Generation

A Few Favorites

Julie Andrews sang about “My Favorite Things” in The Sound of Music. Those of us on Facebook click on the things we like, from bands and events and products to the tirades of our friends. In High Fidelity, John Cusack’s character stated emphatically that we were the sum of our tastes in music and movies. I’m not quite sure what I think about that, but I do know what I like. With a couple of weeks of bad news, I want to focus on things that inspire me, give me joy, and sing to my heart. I encourage you to … Continue reading A Few Favorites