Snippets of Life and Gratitude in Pictures

Sometimes, the pictures can do it better than words. This is just a little bit of life from the last five months or so. The little moments add up to lots of gratitude. This collage doesn’t represent everything, and that’s exactly the point. Peace and love and light come in fits and starts.     Advertisements Continue reading Snippets of Life and Gratitude in Pictures

Photos: Home, Home on the Grange

A grange, according to my weathered dictionary, is “one of the lodges of a national fraternal association originally made up of farmers” and “the association itself.” Here in Boulder County, Colorado, there are several old grange buildings, dotted along the rural fields of hay and corn, threatened to be eaten up by the expanding neighborhoods and commercial strip malls. I have found them fascinating, for their long survival, for the beauty of the buildings, for the reminder of a different time. These buildings remain. The grange organizations remain. These are community centers, and while the communities have changed, the center … Continue reading Photos: Home, Home on the Grange

Photos: Grain Silos in Boulder County

I have loved silos since I was little¬†while playing with a wee-ones farm set, complete with barn and silo. In Boulder County, Colorado, where I live, there are a number of homes and small farms with still-standing silos, even if they are no longer used to store grain or silage. This past Sunday was a beautiful fall day, so I got up early, filled a thermos with coffee, grabbed my camera bag, and took off for a few hours of driving around and taking photos. Photography, thanks to the purchase of a digital camera five years ago, is still a … Continue reading Photos: Grain Silos in Boulder County