Making Space

I believe in synchronicity and that coincidences have meaning. I believe in signs. I also, after years of not listening to it, believe in my inner voice (different from the chatter that can clutter our minds). Right now, there are all kinds of signs and synchronicities telling me to make space. It’s also a big desire right at the moment. Making space is lots of things. It can be making space when someone comes to visit. It can be clearing out the closet and making a pile of donations. It can be pausing and remaining quiet so someone else can … Continue reading Making Space

All the Lists in the World . . .

All the lists in the world . . . Won’t make you renew your passport. Won’t get you to make the phone call. Won’t force you to say yes. Won’t make you get up early to write. Won’t make you stay up late to paint. Don’t mean you’ll complete the things on the list. Don’t mean that you’re not scared. Don’t reveal the day when you show up in a sizzling red dress. Don’t show the progress of a transformed life. Don’t show the discomfort after a fight, when you’re finding the peace and shutting out the bullshit. Don’t show … Continue reading All the Lists in the World . . .

At Play

Sometimes it gets tricky with unstructured time. I have all these other things I want to do outside of work. I want to visit with friends, hang out with a new friend, spend time reading, carve out space for running and swimming and biking and hiking and doing yoga, cook, write, dream, take photos, drink coffee and wine at the beginning and ending of the days. Then there are the chores like cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, paying bills, and clearing out the car. I’m also at work on a book and a professional certification, both to do in my … Continue reading At Play


When I was six, my good friend Demi, also six, could do the splits, just as casually as she could walk. In fact, she could walk and make a big step and fall into the splits, with maybe only a slight adjustment needed for her clothes. We liked to run fast on the blacktop playground and flip upside down on the bars. We also liked dresses, so we wore shorts underneath. I always thought of Demi as flexible, in the literal sense, but looking back, I see how our six-year-old practicality and openness was also flexibility. Anyone who wanted to, … Continue reading Flexibility

Doing What You Love (Not Necessarily for Pay)

“Do what you love; you’ll be better at it. It sounds pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this one right away.”– LL Cool J Okay, “do what you love” is all over Instagram (my favorite social media) and the internet. It sounds great, doesn’t it? But, I think when most of us read it, myself included, we jump to the conclusion of loving our jobs and careers. And that’s when this whole sentiment becomes difficult. All of a sudden, this doing what you love thing becomes a trap. Those of us who are just scraping … Continue reading Doing What You Love (Not Necessarily for Pay)

Dreaming and Doing with a Dry Erase Board

Recently, I got a lease renewal notice from my landlord taped to my door. I opened it, puzzled, because I moved into this apartment in October more than three years ago. Ownership had changed a year ago, and they were changing terms and getting caught up with residents. Luckily, they gave me more than a month to decide if I was going to renew my lease and for how long. Weirdly, when I get my lease renewal, I start dreaming of impermanence and travel. I guess that when you have a mortgage and a house or condo, you take a … Continue reading Dreaming and Doing with a Dry Erase Board

A Startling Moment of Clarity

Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week. In my current work schedule, it’s my “Friday” (the last day of work before two days off, the weekend) and I get to work with one of my favorite co-workers and when we close, it’s easy and fun. There’s no B.S. and we enjoy working together. I drove home after we closed the store, the quiet drive in the dark and I thought about the upcoming weekend. I didn’t have any concrete plans, just a couple of chores and some free time and maybe getting together with a friend. I … Continue reading A Startling Moment of Clarity