Curling Up with Cookbooks

There’s almost nothing better than curling up with a good book. I read anything and everything. Most often, though, I turn to mysteries, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, James Baldwin, memoir, science nonfiction, spiritual self-help (I guess that’s the genre??), political and historical biographies, with some nature writing and poetry thrown in. Sometimes, though, it’s cookbooks that have my attention. I have a shelf in the living room bookcase brimming with them. It’s only due to self-restraint and budget that I don’t have more. After clearing out and giving away cookbooks over the years, the ones I own now are my … Continue reading Curling Up with Cookbooks

Life Lessons From Clearing Out the Pantry and Freezer

I feel most comfortable at home when my pantry, freezer, and refrigerator are full. It feels cozy and secure. I like having staples nearby to mix with my scores from the summer farmers’ market. It’s nice to be able to make dinner for a friend at the last minute with the never-ending supply in the kitchen. Sometimes, though, the bounty can be too much. This summer in an effort to save money and reduce waste and make space and clear out, I have been playing a game to deplete the contents of my kitchen. I have also tried to limit … Continue reading Life Lessons From Clearing Out the Pantry and Freezer

Food Love: Green Chile Cheese Quiche

For many, there are certain foods that bring back lovely memories from childhood. I am lucky to be in that group. There are specific dishes that not only serve as culinary time capsules, but also provide sustenance and comfort in their preparation and consumption. One of my favorites from childhood, and now a staple in adulthood, is green chile cheese quiche. When I think of this food, I also remember a funny quote from one of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally. In a scene where Harry and Sally are quite solid in their friendship,  Jess, who is Harry’s best … Continue reading Food Love: Green Chile Cheese Quiche

The Comfort and Simplicity of Scrambled Eggs

Let me first say that I love to cook. However, there are times when I don’t want to cook. There are times when I can’t think of anything to eat that will taste good. There are times when I feel exhausted after a full day of work and school and can’t face the kitchen. There are times when I haven’t given myself enough time to make a healthy and satisfying meal. There are times, like when returning from vacation or a visit to see family, when the refrigerator is almost empty. There are times when I am sick that making a … Continue reading The Comfort and Simplicity of Scrambled Eggs

Bananas Into Bread (Waste Into Place)

I love baking. I love making ingredients into something more. I love measuring and mixing. I love the transformation and magic that the hot oven gives to a pan of raw batter. If you think about it, we are all a little liked baked goods. We are changing and moving and living. We are raw and unrefined. Despite my love, I bake much less than I used to do. I have cut lots of sweets and sugars from my mouth and from my kitchen. However, I believe in balance and dislike restriction. Now, I celebrate when I whip out the … Continue reading Bananas Into Bread (Waste Into Place)

Hummus and a Sense of Home

Our senses can serve as time machines. Listening to the first notes of a favorite song can send us back to a poignant moment. Smelling certain whiffs can bring us to special places. Tasting favorite foods can transport us to home or to a sense of coming home to ourselves. Today is a hot July day. I am packing up the kitchen and cleaning like a madwoman. At noon, I feel hunger pangs. I search in the nearly empty cupboard and I remember my craving for hummus a few days ago. Luckily, I have all the ingredients stocked, and I … Continue reading Hummus and a Sense of Home

Leading the Heart Home

“You wanna give up ’cause it’s dark We’re really not that far apart So let your heart, sweet heart Be your compass when you’re lost And you should follow it wherever it may go When it’s all said and done You can walk instead of run ‘Cause no matter what you’ll never be alone (never be alone) oh oh oh Never be alone oh oh oh” -lyrics to “Compass” by Lady Antebellum Home may be the place where you hang your hat, or kick off your shoes, or greet the day. For some, home is the house where you live. … Continue reading Leading the Heart Home