Doing What You Love (Not Necessarily for Pay)

“Do what you love; you’ll be better at it. It sounds pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this one right away.”– LL Cool J Okay, “do what you love” is all over Instagram (my favorite social media) and the internet. It sounds great, doesn’t it? But, I think when most of us read it, myself included, we jump to the conclusion of loving our jobs and careers. And that’s when this whole sentiment becomes difficult. All of a sudden, this doing what you love thing becomes a trap. Those of us who are just scraping … Continue reading Doing What You Love (Not Necessarily for Pay)

Getting to Cozy

One of my favorite writers, Isabel Gillies, has a new book, Cozy, published in February. Not long after its release date, I called my favorite local, independent bookstore, Bookworks, to see if they had the book in stock. They didn’t, so I asked them to please order a copy for me and to consider carrying it, because I thought they might like it and could sell a few copies. This bookstore and its owner and employees here in Albuquerque, are kind and amazing and obliging. They said they would order one for me and a few for the store. Sure, … Continue reading Getting to Cozy

Leading the Heart Home

“You wanna give up ’cause it’s dark We’re really not that far apart So let your heart, sweet heart Be your compass when you’re lost And you should follow it wherever it may go When it’s all said and done You can walk instead of run ‘Cause no matter what you’ll never be alone (never be alone) oh oh oh Never be alone oh oh oh” -lyrics to “Compass” by Lady Antebellum Home may be the place where you hang your hat, or kick off your shoes, or greet the day. For some, home is the house where you live. … Continue reading Leading the Heart Home

30 Days of Thanks

Thanksgiving has passed. November has come and gone. The leftovers of Thanksgiving have been eaten or are stuffed in baggies and plastic containers for lunches in the coming week. Some people have already moved on to Christmas and others are just counting down the days until 2013 ends. I am reveling in the last day of a long weekend, curled up in sweats, drinking coffee, pondering work and the week ahead, and wondering about being grateful. A couple of years ago, I noticed some friends make mention of things they were thankful for in their status updates on Facebook, every … Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks

The Great American Debate: Let’s Take a Seat, Drink, Breathe, Debate, Relax

It’s hot. The economy is shaky. Heat and uncertainty seem to breed crankiness. Each news headline brings on debate. Pro-this, pro-that, anti-this, anti-that. Passion and discussion and debate occasionally lead to rancor and nastiness. All of a sudden, folks that one disagrees with are evil and wrong. What’s up, United States? There are lots of positives, though. I admire the passion and the fact that people are so dedicated to their issues and causes. They put up yard signs, sign petitions, send things in e-mail, post messages to their social media outlets, attend meetings, and reach out to others. And … Continue reading The Great American Debate: Let’s Take a Seat, Drink, Breathe, Debate, Relax