A quote from Kristin Armstrong

  “What is the best part about being 40? . . . You get to say the things you used to think about but would never say.  Other times you choose to keep your mouth shut because it just doesn’t bother you anymore.  You aren’t afraid of having a preference or an opinion, no matter if anyone else agrees with you or not.  You do the things you used to talk about doing but never did.  You quit playing small.  You learn to forgive.  You learn the difference between when to let go and when to hold on tight.  You stop rushing.  … Continue reading A quote from Kristin Armstrong

My afternoon with Kristin Armstrong

I poured a glass of Spanish tempranillo and took a seat. I couldn’t wait to dig in. No, I didn’t have company. I had reading to do: a new book, a new blog entry, a new article in Runner’s World. It was an afternoon with one of my favorite writers, Kristin Armstrong. For some, the name may ring a bell of slight familiarity. She is the former wife of the cancer survivor, multiple Tour de France winner, yellow bracelet bearing Lance Armstrong. For others like me, she is an amazing writer of humor, insight, and brutal honesty. I first came … Continue reading My afternoon with Kristin Armstrong