Space for Silence

Photo by Kary Schumpert

It’s amazing how much noise there is in the world. The roar of traffic, the hum of electricity. There is always noise, especially in this time. There is also the noise in my mind. Sometimes it’s endless chatter. Sometimes it’s impostor syndrome. Sometimes it’s composing some writing and I don’t always realize it.

Silence can be a beautiful and rare thing. I always want to have the last word in a conversation, and it wasn’t until a loved one said something the other day about this irritating quality of mine, that I realized it. I’m sure someone has said something about this before, but it really resonated and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I realize that I can use more silence in my life, and finding and creating the space for it. Meditation helps to quiet my mind. The thoughts don’t necessarily disappear, though. And at least in the meditation that I have learned about, getting rid of thoughts isn’t the point. It’s more about being aware of them. Meditation is a space for silence.

Letting those conversations end, without needing to jump in at the end, is a challenge. Pausing and letting the other person finish is enough. A pause can be a space for silence.

I have often turned on music while I write or clean or cook. Sometimes, I’ll even turn on TV or a computer to a show or video to buzz in the background. I noticed that I have been turning more to screens: my phone, my tablet, my computer, a lot more than what used to be usual. They have been filling all the moments, maybe because I’m trying to create the hubbub of daily life that I miss or just to crowd out that which I’m trying to avoid. I realized that turning things off, unplugging, and even putting a gadget away in the drawer can be a way to create some space. This can all be to create more space for silence.

I am trying to create more space for silence, in all areas of my life, as a way to reset, rebalance, recharge. As we turn from the solstice and move toward the light, I look for silence and rejuvenation.



  1. Wow, this is one of the best blogs you’ve done! Every sentence rings so true to me. Yes, there is so much noise, both internal and external, that crowds out things that are worthwhile. Not just individual bits of noise, either, but *layers* of noise… I know this reminds me to do something I rarely do, and that is just to STOP…. And when I’ve done so, I almost always realize and appreciate something new, including how golden silence is. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. In the everyday physics of our natural existence we need quantities of silence that can clear our mind of all the
    dissonance that has entered into it. Often, when reading a book, I turn on the television and place the sound on mute. Additionally, when reading, I frequently, place a music CD in my boom box and turn the volume down low. In both instances, there is psychological tranquility. Now, that the winter solstice is behind us, we can look forward to eventual increasing daylight. Morning silence is golden when the morning star arises on the horizon. Glory be to the creator of earth and heaven.

    Kary, have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!


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