A quote by Gary Paul Nabhan

Photo by Kary Schumpert

“A seed is really something spiritual as it is something material. It contains a life spark that allows the regenerative process to happen. We need seeds because they are the physical manifestation of that concept that we call hope.”–Gary Paul Nabhan



  1. When we plant seeds for a vegetable garden or for other plants, we all are euphoric when we see our labors arise through the ground. Eventually, we will see those gardening efforts develop into maturity. Hope is not an instant process but a gradual development in the right direction. There is a verse in Proverbs (cannot recall specific chptr. and verse) that delineates how glorious the situation when deferred hope is realized. Additionally, Psalms 130 mentions that when we wait (patience and perseverance) and hope in the Lord, the rewards will be plentiful-not marginal. Come Lord Jesus.


  2. Good quote! A seed is a miracle – imagine the potential and the power in each little one of them.
    Like your new avatar, too ๐Ÿ˜Š

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