On Earth Day, a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, my favorite U.S. President

There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country. Just as we must conserve our men, women and children, so we must conserve the resources of the land on which they live.” –Theodore Roosevelt



  1. Teddy Roosevelt was a true lover of the outdoors and his actions as President confirm that fact. During his Administration he had Congress approve either Yellowstone or Yosemite as America’s first national Park-please correct me should that be erroneous. I have never been to Yellowstone or Yosemite but would in the future desire to visit one or both of them. At the present the financial wherewithall is not available to do so. I would also like to retrace the Lewis and Clark expedition that the U.S. Park Service has now well marked that route. I read a really good book on the Lewis and Clark expedition written in the late 1990s by the late historian Stephen Ambrose “Undaunted Courage”. Thomas Jefferson employed that phrase “Undaunted Courage” in a potent letter he wrote regarding the success of that expedition.

    Now, back to Teddy Roosevelt. Though an avid outdoorsman he is also well remembered for being a Trust Buster. Financier J.P. Morgan, oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, and steel producer Andrew Carnegie monopolized the free markets. All three were forced by the Federal Courts to dissolve their existing assets to allow for competition from other entrepreneurs in their designated industry. I recall from my junior high school days reading on these three individuals and they were titled Robber Barons because they undercut competition employing very ruthless means. After the breakups in each industry and when these three were entering the winter of their natural existence they became very philanthropic. Andrew Carnegie donated millions for building a plethora of libraries across the U.S.

    One has to think of Teddy Roosevelt as being one of enormous fortitude. When one takes on three of the most affluent individuals in the nation and most likely the world that is optimum courage indeed. But Roosevelt’s love for nature made wider the door for everyone, single and married to be in awe of God’s beautiful creation and not let industry turn the trees, grass, mountains, rivers, streams and lakes into a profit margin. Moreover, the air is fit for breathing and animals are allowed to reside in a natural habitat free from danger. Yes, President Roosevelt was absolutely correct that us humanoids must conserve our natural resources. Amen!


    • OOOOPS! Forgot to mention that I am impressed with his philosophical advice-“Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick”.


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