I Felt Love Today

CC0 Public Domain. Image courtesy of Pixabay. pixabay.com
CC0 Public Domain. Image courtesy of Pixabay. pixabay.com

On this day, there is love, and commercialism, in the air. The day has a long and storied history, but it can also be a simple day of love. With so many different types of love, and so many different types of people, it helps to remember that deep down we are the all the same. We love and are loved.

I had a simple, and yet beautiful, day visiting friends and playing tourist in Albuquerque. I felt many types of love today.

I talked to my father on the phone and was grateful for a father’s love.

I talked to my mother on the phone and was grateful for a mother’s love.

I spent the day in a city I love.

I watched the sunset from an old familiar spot, loving beauty and moments of silence.

I caught up with an old friend and her husband, spending the morning in the presence of a couple who clearly love each other. I relished how an old friendship ebbs and flows and how lucky I am to still be connected to this friend and her family.

I visited a favorite old bookstore and spent a leisurely half hour browsing and discovering and learning. The shelves are overflowing, boxes stacked with classics in the back, and always in the jumble I seem to find a title that speaks to my heart.

I ate breakfast with the friend and her husband at a local restaurant, enjoying a lovely ritual of sharing food and company.

I caught up with a new friend and pondered new directions.

I met another friend for a drink, loving the time of beer and toasting friendship.

I went for a run with a different friend, wondering at the magic of a day filled with “friend appointments” which are the best kind to schedule and keep.

I looked forward to plans that I made for the rest of the weekend, grateful for the gifts of anticipation and joy and an extra day.

I went for a walk, aimlessly wandering, watching people, and not getting lost in a neighborhood where I felt at home, loving the sense of place I feel here.

I struck up a conversation with a stranger and felt thankful for curious hearts and kind words.

I chatted with a man running a small compost business, eager to talk shop and to make connections.

I spent part of the afternoon alone, glad that I can enjoy my own company and soak up the valuable gift of solitude.

I tentatively dipped my toe into the dating pool, realizing my heart is eager for new lessons.

I enjoyed the goose bumps on my short-sleeved arms and smelled the optimism of spring, along with the promise of more winter.

I wrote this before the day ended, knowing there were still more adventures left to love in the day. I loved the act of writing, knowing that some days the words fly and are beautiful, and other days, like today, it is enough to write.

I took slow steps and fast steps, on an ordinary, yet extraordinary, day.

I said a prayer and took a breath, loving weekend vacations, friendship, beauty, solitude, togetherness, wisdom, openness, and love.



  1. Kary

    Your various experiences with friendships on Valentine’s was moving. Brought to mind friendships I have had over the years. But as the 1970s’ rock group Boston said in their 1977 classic “More than a Feeling” composition, “so many people have come and gone, their faces fade as the years go by”, friendships develop and eventually everyone moves on in different directions. But then, we develop new friendships that are potent as well.

    In New Testament Greek, the Greeks defined friendship as “philio”, a form of love like “agape” and “eros”, each with different intent. Proverbs 17:17 and 18:24 delineate the potent effectiveness of friendship. Earlier this evening (14Feb.-Valentine’s Day), I was watching “In Touch” with Dr. Charles Stanley-pastor of first Baptist Church in Atlanta. His sermon title was “Thinking Through Your Friendship”. He mentioned that relationships come and go but friendships are rock solid because they are developed over time, thus, they have a firm foundation. He also said that he was 80 yrs old but most of his friends were half his junior- a resounding laughter resonated from the audience. I am going to order a copy of this sermon from In Touch.org because it was very pragmatic. I own a Master of Library Science degree and belong to the Association of Mental Health Librarians. I have seen individuals without solid friendships and their existence is a miserable one.

    Once again, your delineation of friendship was thorough, potent, and pragmatic.
    Excellent indeed. The Lord’s blessings on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With Kind Regards,
    Wm. Traywick Jr.

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