Meme of the Week

Love this blog, this quote, this meme! This is a wonderful reminder when we get too bogged down in the dust of daily life.

Studio Mothers: Life & Art

Picasso meme

As found here. Happy Friday!


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Author: Kary Schumpert @runningintolife

I am a composter, an environmental educator, a runner, a writer.

2 thoughts on “Meme of the Week”

  1. Karyn

    Read your blog notice in the Upperroom Commentary section for 18Dec.14 (Thur.). Reviewed the “Ritual is Routine Made Sacred” blog and I found the bios on Ludwig Van Beethoven and Charles Schulz interesting. Beethoven left a potent, indelible, and affirmative imprint upon the world. Two years ago when a beloved friend of mine died at a young age, I employed a phrase of his found in one of his letters to succinctly delineate my affection for the loss of this loved one: Immortal Beloved. And for what its worth, this Dec.22 will mark the 206th anniversary of the initial presentation of his dynamic C Minor Symphony. And for many years Charles Schulz rendered all of us daily humor with his Peanuts cartoons.

    You have organized an excellent blog. I will occasionally check in on your blog and commentate. To reiterate a thought I posted on the Upperroom Commentary Section: The Lord’s blessings on you and your family during this holiday season and on a daily basis throughout 2015. Amen.

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