Ritual Is Routine Made Sacred

Think about daily habits. Walking the dog, sipping a morning cup of coffee, mad-dashing it to the car with keys and bag, savoring an evening glass of wine, bedtime story reading with the second grader, whispering in noontime prayer, breathing in five minutes of meditation, sweatily running around the neighborhood. Some habits get us to the next part of the day, some are not so much habits as zombie routines, some are those we look forward to, and some, if not performed, make the whole day feel weird and uninspired. Right before the dawn of 2014, a friend of mine … Continue reading Ritual Is Routine Made Sacred

Thanks, Birth Control!

It’s the second annual “Thanks, Birth Control!” Day and I am celebrating! I am grateful for birth control for many reasons, for my own life and for others. I am grateful that people can plan when they will have children. I am grateful that I can teach all day and then send those cute little kids home to their families. I am grateful that there are so many more methods that are affordable and accessible. Birth control is not a bad word, it’s a wonderful option! The good folks at Bedsider.org created these wonderful images to share and I am … Continue reading Thanks, Birth Control!

We Voted

A week ago was Election Day in the United States. Today is Veterans’ Day, or Remembrance Day. What does it mean to participate in democracy, a republic? What does it mean to serve in the armed services? What does it mean to be a voter, a veteran? Broad questions can bring very specific answers. I have dear friends who are veterans or current service members and dear friends who have lived and loved while their service member was deployed far away. I cannot begin to imagine that depth of commitment and I do not want to diminish those who can … Continue reading We Voted