It’s the Little Things That Lift Us

Funny Encouragement Ecard: It's the little things that lift us.

Last week I was in a bit of a fever-induced, cabin-fever pity party. I was out sick with high fever, freezing chills, delirium dreams, and a throat holding what felt like a watermelon. It turns out it was strep and mono. Over the weekend, I began to gather my energy and sense of humor and slowly dug out of the detritus of curled-up sick days and the chaos of a life that came crushing to a halt while I was illin’. Progress was slow and small, but by Sunday night the home was back in order and better than before. While housekeeping has never ranked high on my list of priorities, I’m too much of my mother’s daughter not to enjoy the clearing, the cleanliness, and the peace of things in order. I was trying to restore myself and my surroundings.

I slowly got back to work, a half day teaching yesterday followed by a big ol’ nap in the afternoon. Today, however, was the return to full throttle and I was a little bit apprehensive about getting back to form. This combined with my dad’s stay in hospital and I’m feeling a bit off-kilter to say the least. I still feel tired and raw and slow and I harbor worries, all of which could have led to an expectation for a bad day. Instead, the day was a series of little things that lifted my spirit and provided a balm to my soul. I’ve always been a fan of looking on the bright side and I realize those little things not only lift the day, but provide the foundation for a wonderful and beautiful life. I’m thankful for those things, but also grateful for the ability to find them and cherish them.

Here’s what lifted me today:

Waking up 10 minutes before the alarm

Wearing a favorite outfit and having it set out the night before so I could jump into my clothes and jump into the day

Having exact change

The bleary-eyed “good morning” from the gas station attendant at 6:15 am

Longmont covered in a beautiful wet snow coating every tree and branch in sight

Snow without ice on my drive

Three classes of exuberant and excitable three-and-four-year-olds, the joys of pre-school presentations

Getting to see one of my favorite streets with beautiful old trees and wonderful old homes

Scraping up enough change for the treat of a cafe olé (café au lait) from my neighborhood coffeehouse

Principal holding the door and greeting me as I come bumbling in with my boxes and bags

Greeting co-workers whom I haven’t seen in days

Living down the street from where my dad is in hospital; after years of living in different time zones it’s nice near family

Sharing dinner, lovely and nutritious, made in 10 minutes (no instant crap) by my sister

Taking time (and scraping up bravery) to share my writing

Feeling good wishes, thoughts, and prayers being sent from miles away for dad and family

A beloved mentor and dear friend reaching out across the miles

Smelling wood smoke in the night air

Reveling in the mundane, another day creates a new list and I’m now determined to write these down at least weekly in my journal. Going back to reread them will be like a deep massage for the soul and a preventative measure against cranky-sour-crotchety disorder. It’s a prayer, a meditation, a celebration.

What are the little things in life that lift you? What are the moments that make your list? Share them, treasure them, and remember them for the days when the little things seem too far apart to see.



  1. It’s great when everything goes well in the morning, but I really hate those days when everything goes wrong! For me, if we can get through breakfast without one of my kids having a tantrum or food falling on the floor, then I know it’s going to be a good day!


    • Zoe, you’re so right. There are so many mornings when things don’t go quite so smoothly. That can be especially true with the rush of breakfast and getting out the door. Sometimes the little signs (like no food on the floor) are all we need. That’s exactly why I wrote this post, because it was a magical morning and I was coming out of sickness and my dad’s stay in the hospital. It just reminded me I should pay attention more. Thanks for reading!–Kary


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