Used Book Sales

I have an addiction. The addiction is books. I have shelves (and even floorspace) full of them. It’s difficult to walk into a bookstore without buying a book. Trying to get myself back to a level of financial sanity, I now browse without buying. Walking into a used book store is difficult, but I am getting better. Going to a used book sale, however, is the biggest temptation of all. Once in a while, though, it’s worth visiting that deep-seeded desire and giving in to the temptation. Twice a year, there are two local used book sales where I can … Continue reading Used Book Sales

Runner Apparent

Currently, I am not a runner. I want to be a runner. In my heart of hearts I want to be able to say, “I am a runner.” If you didn’t know me, but had a key to my apartment and snuck in while I was at work, you might think I was a runner. In my kitchen, you would find one cabinet brimming with water bottles of various sizes, two or three containers of powdered Gatorade mix with the potential to make swimming pool-size vats of the electrolyte drink. You would find a canister on top of the fridge … Continue reading Runner Apparent

Big and Scary and Bold

There are people in this world who do big, scary, and bold things. I, generally, am not one of them. Some of these things are opportunities afforded by chance and bravery: the person who jumps up to perform the Heimlich on a choking stranger at a restaurant, the Chilean miners who fought their own fear and doubt to persevere. Sometimes these big and scary things are ordered on purpose with a sprinkle of excitement and adrenaline, skydiving as an example. Others choose these things as part of a bigger purpose, think firefighters and pastors: very different works, both scary and … Continue reading Big and Scary and Bold